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Auctions on sale of military property

  In modern conditions it is reasonable and useful for Ukrainian to purchase military property, particularly for entrepreneurs involved in agriculture and moreover at good prices.

  SJSC 'National Network of Auction Centers' gives you an excellent possibility to get acquainted with range of items and to buy military property.

The Company has the authority for sale of the following real estate:

  • Entire property complexes
  • Buildings
  • Houses etc.

Movable property:

  • Repair complexes and workshops
  • Auto chassis (ZIL, GAZ and other)
  • Waterproof floor coverings 
  • Transmitting devices
  • Technical equipment
  • Machinery of  food service
  • Airdrome property
  • Medical property
  • Electric stations
  • Housekeeping equipment
  • Chemical equipment
  • Engineering equipment  
  • Signal communication facilities
  • Cultural and educating property    

Sale of mentioned above property of Armed Forces of Ukraine is performed on auctions by means of direct sales and through the system of presentation of marketing services of 'DataBank'.

Our achievements

  Close cooperation has been arranged with Command, central services and allowance departments of   Ministry of Defense of Ukraine:

  • Chief automobile Armament Command
  • Chief  military medical department
  • Major Command of Air Defense Forces
  • Chief Railway troops Command
  • Chief Clothing department of Logistic Section
  • Chief Propellant and Fuel Logistic Section
  • Chief Food Logistic Section
  • Central Motor Road Logistic Section
  • Chief Rocket Artillery Armament Command
  • Chief Communications and ACS  Division
  • Chief Army Quartering

   The Company developed and presented to Ministry of defense of Ukraine packages of regulatory documents concerning conducting the financial analysis, alienation of property, corporatization and preprivatization preparation, restructuring.

  Since 2002 SJSC 'National Network of Auction Centers' has been the authorized organization on sale on the internal market of products of complex utilization of military property and since 2003 – on discarded property.

   You can get acquainted with the list of property proposed for sale at the site : www.databank.com.ua

We suggest you mutually beneficial and effective cooperation!

Contact phone: 516-58-09

e-mail: am_surmach@aaa.ua

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