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Auctions on sale of arrested property


Based on the results of the tender of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine SJSCNational Network of Auction Centerswas determined as the specialized trade organization which can sell distrained by state executors property. Among main requirements according to which specialized organizations were determined are the following: right to perform operations with real estate, work experience not less than two years in this or analogous spheres, availability of network of branches in  the most part of Ukraine. State joint stock company «National Network of Auction Centers ' has 25 acting branches in all regions of Ukraine.

Sale of distrained property on open tenders and auctions is performed by the organization based on General contract #2 of 15.12.2004. №2 between SJSC 'NNAC' and Ministry of Justice of Ukraine about sale of distrained property on which penalties imposed by state executors at forced execution of decisions  and according to , Law of Ukraine «About mortgage», Instruction on conducting the execution actions approved by the order of Ministry of Justice of  Ukraine , Order of sale of distrained property approved by Order of Ministry of Justice of  Ukraine #42/5 dated 15.07.99., Temporary regulation about order of conducting the public tenders on sale of destrained real estate approved by  and other  regulatory documents.

Conditions of sale of distrained property

The property which is sold through State executive service of Ukraine belongs to distrained property. It can be objects of real estate (entire property complexes, objects under construction, buildings and structures, flats, other real estate) and movable property (transport means, equipment, agricultural equipment, consumer goods etc.). Sale of arrested property is performed on public tenders (real estate), on auctions (movable property) and also sale of distrained property on commission basis is possible. The announcements about conducting the public tenders and auctions are placed in mass media. legal and physical bodies  have the right to participate in public tenders and auctions who are registered following the established order and paid registration and guarantee calls. Conditions of registration, transfer of guarantee and registration calls and other information about the distrained property which is sold by  SJSC “NNAC” in Kiev and Kiev region can be received over tel.:  +38-(044)-516-52-88. Sale of distrained property in AR Crimea, Sevastopol, regions of Ukraine is performed by branches of SJSC “NNAC”.



List of distrained property

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