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In the course of the years in the sphere of privatization (since 1995 year ) SJSC «National Network of Auction Centres” has approved itself to be a professional structure which actively influences the development of civilized, transparent market of sale of state and not state property in Ukraine. Organization and conducting by the Company auctions, use of modern tendencies of management, involvement of necessary information resources provides the economic efficiency of sales and contributes to the state budgetary recharge by additional revenues.


The Company specializes on sale of state and municipal property based on competitive principles which is in the phase of privatization, fiscal pawn, released in the course of conducting the restructuring of enterprises, liquidation procedures, property which was disposed by customs authorities etc. From 2007 on the request of privatization authorities, state and commercial structures the Company has conducted 1 928 auctions on sale of movable and immovable property where about 7 722 lot have been sold in the amount about 1 161 million hrivnas.


Efforts of experts of National Network of Auction Centers besides active auction activity are aimed to provision of consulting services on issues of corporative management, financial management, preprivatization preparation, restructuring,  pretrial rehabilitation, state property management, independent valuation etc. the Company prepared projects of restructuring of open joint stock companies «Nadvornyanskiy  wood product plant»


(town of Nadvornaya, Ivano-Frankovsk region), plant «Мayak» (Kiev), plant «Fregat»


(town of Pervomaysk, Nikolaev region), OJSC «Аdams» (town of Kamenets-Podolskiy, Khmelnitsk region),  the required analytic materials and the project of restructuring measures were prepared for coordination with the Cabinet of Ukraine of the decision about restructuring of Joint Stock Company «Svema» (town of Shostka), State Joint Stock Company «Touristic Ukraine» and many other.


The Company has great experience in execution of scientific and research activities based on the agreement with State Property Fund of Ukraine.


Over a period of 2000 -2005 the Company has performed the following works:  


            RSW «Creation of the conception of information disclosure following the international standards about financial and economic activities of joint stock companies» (2000);


            RSW «Significance of certificate privatization in the process of property  denationalization. Possible ways of use of positive results and minimization of negative aspects of certification privatization» (2000);


            RSW «Main tendencies of transformation of property and structure of activity of small enterprises in postprivatization period (objects of privatization of group А)» (2002);


            RSW «Protection of shareholders’ rights in Ukraine in the process of privatization and postprivatization period» (2003);


RSW «Development of complex methodology of conducting the restructuring of economic societies formed in the process of corporatisation and privatization of state property» (2003);


RSW «Organizational and methodological provision of restructuring of enterprises under privatization» (2003);


            RSW «Investigation of mechanism of use of institution «Golden share» ad one of ways of enhancement of efficiency of management by package of corporative rights of the state. World experience and possibility of implementation of this mechanism on the modern stage of economy development and privatization processes in Ukraine » (2004);


            RSW «Analysis and comparative evaluation of methods of investigation of  financial flows movements at the enterprises of state and corporative sector of economy of Ukraine » (2004).



Order of Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine #545 dated December 10, 2002 №545 authorized State Joint Stock Company « National Network of Auction Centres » to perform expertise of rehabilitation projects of industrial enterprises which belong to the sphere of Ministry of Industrial Policy management.



The main activity of the Company in the sphere of creation and accompaniment of global telecommunication and information systems, data base aimed to the development and implementation of the following:


ü      Global corporative systems with use of modern Control system of databases and three-level system for access to the central data base (with transmission of information through communication channels);


ü      Global corporative telecommunication networks;


ü      Applied systems on the base of Internet technology (Internet-shops, Web-sites and portal, Internet-projects connected with searching and reflection of information from corporative data bases) and Internet-systems (local and distributed) on the base of «thing client» technology;


ü      Systems of enterprises information safety, information protection which is processed in automated information system. 



Recently the Company has developed and implemented into operation and maintenance phase such information corporative systems and other projects as:


ü      System of results registration of  the auctions «Shareholders» which provides consolidation of information based on the results of auctions on Privatization property certificates, Compensatory certificates   and Money resources, formation of reports, answers on requests of external organizations;


ü      System of accounting of funds movement in regional auction centers
FINZVIT» which provides accumulation in the data base and print of regional reports about funds movement ; formation of summary reports of branches about separate types of funds acquisitions and expenses for a specified period;  


ü      System «EMINENT» for accumulation in the data base of OJSC and CJSC reports which provides reflection of annual reports in Internet, searching by means of Internet the reports on users' requests;


ü      corporative network SJSC «NNAC» (based on protocol  FrameRelay);


ü      corporative telecommunication system of privatization authorities of Ukraine;


ü      information system of VIII World Child Chess Olympiad;


ü      Web-Sites of Company and other organizations.



Complex development of distributing integrated information systems for different purposes is performed on the base of only modern software products of world producers and own software.


In the course of development of technical projects of information systems and their implementation by the Company, decisions on the base of only licensed system and applied software are used.



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