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Land survey and land assessment

One of the most important issues which arise for real estate buyers is authorization in the appropriate way of legal documents which authorize the right for land ownership. It concerns also the documents regarding the rights of use and rent of land plots.


Process of purchase and sale of any land plot includes preparation, search, development of land-cadastral documentation, its coordination, approval in several various institutions and it needs special knowledge, practical skills and appropriate qualification in the sphere of land relationships regulation.


SJSC " National Network of Action Centers" provides services on preparation of design and other technical documentation, necessary for preparation of land plots for sale, and on authorization of documents which legalize the right of land ownership  or rights for permanent use of land, performs works on transfer of limits of land plots for real (to location) and provides preparation and completion of a package of documents necessary for receipt of state act or rental contract during authorization of the right for use of land plots.


SJSC «National Network of Action Centers" has the licence of State committee on land resources for conducting land measuring and evaluation activities (# 117575 dated 26.01.2005.), according to which it performs:


Land measuring activities:


-          Formation of projects of creation of new and arrangement of existing land ownership s and land use;


-          Formation of projects of internal business land organization of agricultural enterprises, institutions and organizations, farms and land ownerships of citizens;


-          Development of technical documentation on formation of state acts for the right of private ownership for land, for the right of permanent use of land, contracts for the right of temporary use of land (including on rental terms) and land rental contracts (except survey and map works);


-          Issuance of documents which authorize the right of private land ownership, land ownership or right of permanent land use;


-          Development of projects of land allocation for ownership or use (including on rental terms), transfer of limits of land plots for real (to location) disposed (repurchased) and assigned land plots (except survey and map works);


-          Development of plans of land and business organization of settlements;


-          Renewal of land-cadastral plans of surveys of previous years (except survey and map works).


Land evaluation activities:


-          money evaluation of agricultural lands;


-          money evaluation of inhabited areas;


-          money evaluation of not agricultural lands outside the inhabited areas;


-          expert money evaluation of lands;


-          economic evaluation of lands.


SJSC «National Network of Action Centers" is a member of Association “Land Union of Ukrainewhich includes  more than  30 land measuring enterprises and organizations, evaluators, farmers and other subjects  of land market. Thanks to the cooperation with Land Union of Ukraine, our clients have the possibility to order any other land measuring and land evaluation activities and receive written or oral consultations of leading experts of Ukraine.


If you bye real estate but


You are afraid to receive not full information about land,
You don’t know how to prepare and authorize rights for a land plot,
You hesitate concerning the possibilities of its further use,
You want to order development of land organization documentation,
To conduct independent expert evaluation of land plot,


Or you have any questions regarding land legislation,


Apply to SJSC «National Network of Action Centers",
 we will be glad to help you.


Contat phone number: 516-57-93


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