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External Economic Activity

The Company performs the work following the Order of the Cabinet of Ukraine #43483 dated July 29, 2003 in part of organization of information and consultation provision of the development of cooperation between business circles of Ukraine and transition Islamic State Afghanistan 


For arrangement of deliveries and promotion to the market of Afghanistan of goods of Ukrainian producers the work on introduction on the market of Afghanistan of the company is performed „AirCrafts Ltd.” There is a representative office of SJSC “NNAC” in Afghanistan. Information data base has been formed which provides further development of contacts of business representatives of two countries. Wit participation of SJSC “NNAC” the delivery of spare parts for aviation machinery for Afghanistan company has been arranged        The Contract was signed about business cooperation with the firm «SM AUTO INDUSTRY CO., LTD» (Seoul, Korea). The work on creation of trade network for sale of tires of the company «KUMHO» on the market of Ukraine was conducted.   


   Foreign investors are involved to the real estate market of Ukraine. Particularly projects of inquires and contracts on cooperation between SJSCNNACand companies of Bulgaria and Italy about cooperation in this market have been signed 


The negotiations have been conducted with the representatives of German company «HYDROCLEAN», the producer of the equipment meant for ventilation pipes cleaning. The investigation of Ukrainian market is conducted and search of possible buyers of this equipment.  


The activity on promotion on the market of Ukraine of medical equipment (blood vessel microsurgery) of German company «Teutonia Medical Care Technology AG» has been started.

  Cooperation with Afghanistan

 Cooperation with  Souht Korea

 Cooperation with Republic Tajikistan





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