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Business Consulting

             Enhancement of competitive capacity of enterprises in Ukraine is a hard business to do in Ukraine which requires much time, efforts and knowledge. Did you decide to take measures on financial recovery of an enterprise? You understand the sense of problems abut due to the lack of time you have no possibility to solve it professionally? How to change further fate of an enterprise? How to form the strategy of development of an enterprise or its overcoming the crisis?
          Professional consultants will give you consultations on modern
management methods and instruments;they will help to detect  key problems of an enterprise and reasons of their occurrence; they will suggest you some ways of problems solving; they will provide implementation of the chosen by you variant in the most optimal way and also teach your experts  the practical use of last achievements in management science. Thanks to the presented range of consulting services you can achieve more efficient work of Your enterprise
            Our aim is to   help you in doing business, to make it competitive, as much as possible efficient, to help in investments involvement 

The experts of the Company will help in preparation to privatization, in the sphere of corporative management, financial management, bankruptcy, expert evaluation of property and property rights, provide information support (granting of business statements concerning separate domestic and foreign enterprises).  

Our principles 

-          professionalism and responsibleness 

-          openness and readiness for cooperation 

We work 

-          with private entrepreneurs and other subjects of entrepreneurial activity who want to develop their business 

-          with bodies of executive branch of the government and local government authorities 

-          with international organizations and financial institutions 

-          with foreign partners 

Our motto: "Common efforts are common success".  

We are sure that our consultations and practical help will let you take a firm step to financial stability but economic updating 

 Experienced consultants of our Company will provide you with professional services on the following directions 

-          Diagnostics of enterprises  

-          Corporatization and privatization  

-          Pretrial rehabilitation  

-     Restructuring

-     Strategic management

-     Accouting, reporting, audit

-     Marketing management

-     Corporative management

-     Financial analiz and evalution of corporative management

-     Projects expertise


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