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In modern conditions it is difficult to succeed in business without using new technologies. Particularly it concerns big organizations having branches all over Ukraine. For such organizations it is essentially important to find efficient solution of corporative problems:

How to provide reliable connection among subdivisions, remote access to data bases and successful document circulation? How to provide operative and strategic corporation management? How to use Internet for advertisement and electronic commerce?

Answers on these questions you
get from usstarting from development of statement of work and finishing by integrated information system.

We see our mission in
assisting Ukrainian companies, state enterprises and organizations in achievement of new qualitative level of efficiency by means of use of information technologies.   Our possibilities  


  • Team of experienced developers of corporative systems and information networks.  
  • Use of licensed software (DBMS, operational systemsdevelopment means)  
  • Powerful calculating base (36 servers, more than 500 computers).  
  • Company has the licence of STSIPD SSU for the right of development , implementation and accompaniment of means and complexes of technical protection of information in information systems as well as special authorization of SSU for the activity connected with state secret. 


    Our partners  


    • State Property Fund  
    • JV "Infokom"  
    • JV "Golden Telecom"  
    • Union "YUG"  
    • Company "Information business systems" (IBS)  
    • CJSC "ЕСОММ"  
    • Institute of program systems of NAS of Ukraine  
    • Information Protection Agency  

    Our projects  


    • Corporative network of SJSC NNAC  
    • Corporative network of information transmission
    • of state bodies of privatization
    • System of handling the data base of shareholders of OJSC Ukraine
    • System of provision of information services on the market of property and goods  (Databank)
    • System of provision of information services on the stock market
    • Information system of VIII Worldwide child chess Olympiad 
    • Web-sites of the Company, Association "YUG" and other partners





      1. Corporative systems Development of corporative systems providing:

      accumulation, correction and search of information in data bases of different levels;
      information exchange among data bases based on the reliable protocols (including in conditions of connection channels of low quality  );
      c) document circulation
      and personnel management;
      d) strategic
      management (analysis and forecasting for taking decisions in corporative systems).

      Development of corporative systems is based on three-level scheme of
      data handling with use of Р the reliable protocols of information transmission on any connection channels (corporative network, Internet, telephone channels). 2. Telecommunication networks a) development of territorial multibranch telecommunication networks (including voice connection, on-line access to servers of data bases);
      development of external sites for reflection in Internet of the activity of corporation or company, as well as provision through Internet of information services on available data bases;
      c) development and implementation of Internet-technology for information provision of the corporation activity or company  
      d) formation, administration of Internet-units, installation of network services, support of domain names
       Contact phones:  


      (044) 516-52-33, 516-52-88











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